India - breakfast

One of my favourite Indian restaurants in the UK specialises in Mumbai street food. I’ve had an email from the owner inviting me to his launch event of their new breakfast/brunch menu (in the hope that I’ll positively review it mainly for Tripadvisor). Are there any key dishes that I should be looking out for? What would be disappointing if they werent available?

Will the breakfasts be specific to Mumbai or India in general? I had a lot of breakfasts during my time in India but when in Mumbai I stayed with friends so didn’t really go out for breakfast though I did have vada pav; a mashed potato “burger” in a soft roll with chutneys. Throughout India there was one of my favourite breakfasts poori masala ; puffed breads with veg curry, sambar & chutneys. Masala omelette was pretty ubiquitous throughout India. They might also do southern Indian breakfast staples like vada or idlis.

I’m presuming they will lean to Mumbai specific if such exists - but I suspect they may get a bit generic, wot with us Anglos not really having a clue what to expect . Vada pav is one of their evening street food offerings.

I would guess they will have poha (beaten rice), upma (either cream of wheat or vermicelli), idli/vada/dosa (bkfst in the south), eggs of many varieties (masala omelette, bhurji/akoori/masala scrambled, and the annoying recent addition to every menu - eggs kejriwal), stuffed parathas and puri-bhaji (bkfst in the north).

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