Incredible Indian Food In Chicago, IL!

Hello! I’d like everyone to discuss Indian cuisine and its rising recognition in areas like Chicago, Schaumburg, Dublin, and Louisville! Dishes like Chicken Kabob, Paneer Cheese Masala, and Egg Curry are starting to get amazing feedback for their taste, and I’m curious about how subcontinental spice is becoming the new normal in the US. What is your favorite Indian dish? Do you have a favorite Indian restaurant that you like visiting? Is there any Indian recipe that has taken your breath away? Well, lets discuss!

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I’m not an American, nor do I live in America.

But my “take my breath away” order at one of the places we regularly visit, would be bhel puri, followed by lamb chamku and pahadi daal. We usually share rice and a chilli & onion kulcha. I’ve ordered these items several times and I’m always impressed how much I enjoy them.


Hi, I am a fan of Indian Food. Never been to Chicago but yeah, I can suggest my favorite Indian Dishes such as South Indian - Dosa, Rasam-Rice, etc. Also, Indian is a land of rich cuisine like North Indian, Rajasthani food.

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