Inauthentic? Hell yeah! Food Shines, Lowell MA

I received an email promo for 25% off on delivery via Caviar. Pretty much randomly, I ordered from Food Shines, a place I’d never heard of. Fried Nepalese momos (I chose pork filled) and fried paneer in tikka masala sauce with cashews. Pineapple banana lassi just in case the sauce was spicier than I can handle (it wasn’t). Both were excellent; I will order from Food Shines again. After the meal, curiosity led me to the restaurant’s own website, where the menu did not include the dish I had relished, but did have a far wider range, including Italian dishes. It didn’t have a lot of detail, so I don’t know if it has seating, or how large it is.


Thanks for the intel! Checked out the menu based on your report. If I had to guess the place is geared to U Lowell students and also makes Nepalese momos? We might need to check out those momos.


Nepalese momos are traditionally steamed. Straight to Google and found the restaurant menu and that they do offer steamed momos. +1. No yak. So sad. I would have ordered the pork as Erica @greygarious did. They do seem to be proud of their tikka masala sauce as there are lots of options that use it. Glad to hear it came out well. Certainly another of my favorites.

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I can’t think of any typical Italian-American dish that wouldn’t be at least as good with tikka masala sauce subbed for tomato sauce. In this case, I am sure that like potstickers, the momos were both steamed and fried. Frying them, and the cheese, boosted the Maillard reaction and texture.


It’s funny you say that.

I made vodka sauce - too much of it. So I froze it.

Months later wanted to make tikka masala - but no tomatoes. Defrosted vodka sauce. Added a few spices. Finished per usual.

Best tikka masala ever.

Goes both ways!