In the covid / take out only era - are you driving further for food?

Just curious, given all the closures and take out only, are you venturing further than normal when eating “out” (don’t know what to call it) or staying closer to home so you don’t have a longer drive home with the take out?

Reading the boards and all the suggestions I was curious. I have been staying closer to home up to this point - but with the nice weather I can see some “weekend adventures” just to get out of the house. I’ll probably get take out and find a park to eat, rather than have everything get cold/soggy/etc with an extended drive home.


We’ve been staying close to home, both because I want the food to still be hot when I eat it, and we’re trying to support our local places, since they are the places we eat at most frequently anyway, and want them to succeed.


I’ve been tempted to drive from Somerville to Nightshade Noodle Bar in Lynn, which we didn’t get to before COVID hit, but we decided not to. Still hoping to try them soon, somehow, but in the meantime, support the local places we used to patronize so frequently.


We are just starting to get takeout (and, as much as I love cooking, I’m pretty psyched about someone else preparing the food.) The couple of times we’ve gotten takeout we’ve only gotten local food so that we can support local restaurants, but I am looking at some of the Boston/Cambridge places that are offering kits for cook-at-home like Fox and the Knife, Viale and Myers and Chang. I’m also thinking of asking for some par-cooked pizzas to finish at home. It’s such a treat to have some choices opening up.


I have basically been confined to Somerville/Medford with weekly trips to Burlington for three months, and I am definitely itching to go further afield in the near future!

We’ve been driving farther just to look at something different! Food is a good excuse.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold