In Search of Chinese brunch for takeout - East or South Bay

Hi all,

We’re visiting friends in Santa Clara on Sunday, and we’d like to bring some takeout Chinese brunch/lunch. In the past we’ve ordered from Dumpling Capital in Santa Clara (which we like), but this time I’m wondering if we can try somewhere different. Would be excited about good dumplings, but also other Taiwanese/Chinese breakfast items. Ideally would be somewhere that opens by 10 AM, but an 11 AM open time might be OK depending on the location.

We’ll be driving from Oakland, so it would be easy to stop and pick up food in Union City, Fremont, Newark, Milpitas, San Jose or Santa Clara. Sunnyvale or Cupertino might be OK too depending on whether it’s worth it.

Two places I read about are Chef Wu in Newark and China Stix in Santa Clara, which both have Taiwanese brunch items. Any thoughts on those? Somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, we could definitely re-heat things in a kitchen at my friend’s place. Thanks for these recommendations!

For Koi Palace, are you just thinking classic dim sum stuff? I haven’t been in ages so can’t remember what people think is most special there.

Of the other choices, Ox 9 Lanzhou seems like it could be really good. How are there non-noodle items (e.g. dumplings, cold dishes, pancake, etc.) It’s very convenient to freeway, too, though they don’t open until 11.

Thanks again

Chef Chu’s in Los Altos: chicken salad

eta: Lees Sandwiches: sandwiches, pastries,….their San Jose Monterey Road location also sold: chicken teriyaki sticks, cold spicy sausages, fried shrimp wrapped ,prepared fruit.

If you think about Lee’s, they have prepared food, but for large orders, I recommend pre ordering. I like their fresh baked bread….French bread baked by Vietnamese.

@vamped aka Dave MP I’m afraid I have no recommendations for you but I was too excited to see one of my favorite former Hounds/Onions not to say hello.

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Hi, hi digga! :slight_smile:

We might try China Stix for their Sunday Taiwanese brunch menu…it’s close to where my friends live and they’ve never tried it either. Will let folks know how it is!

And yes, I am indeed Dave MP (vamped is an anagram) :slight_smile:


Also recommend Ox 9 Lanzhou. Their cold meat and veg side dishes are great.

I recommend nuking the soup for a few minutes to get it extra hot, before adding to noodles. And if you have any green onion and cilantro of your own to chop up and add, that is a great boost.

I also like calling ahead to custom order a jar of their chili oil. Goes great with my own soups, noodle soups, and stir fry dishes.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the recommendations. In the end yesterday, we decided to drive all the way down to Santa Clara first, and then get takeout a bit later. So I ended up trying DoughZone (the branch in Cupertino) for takeout.

I think some of the dishes were definitely worse off eaten 20 mins later after sitting in boxes. Probably it’s better at the restaurant itself. But my overall impression of this place is that it was fine, but nothing special.

All of the items we ordered were good, but nothing was great or stood out at all. Many of the dumplings were small (I could eat them in one bite) and the fillings were a little mushy and bland. Portions were on the small side. The people who worked there were very nice, and the interior space seemed like it would be nice to dine in. That said, I probably wouldn’t get takeout from them again.


I’ve never done takeout from Dough Zone.

If dining in, the things to get are the Q-BAO (pan fried pork buns), the Yi Bin noodles, the pork wonton w/chili sauce (still better with more chili oil) and the sweet and sour cucumber.