In Korea. A food mall

Pushed to me in an Eater email. Fun view:


It’s a fantastic place to try many Korean classics. I went there several times, even ate my last meal there just before heading to airport. Super crowded at weekends and at meal times.

Last meal before flying out




Two elderly women run this soup stall where I ate


Most benches are heated. They just put some kind of heating sheet under the plastic cover and plug it in. Nice in the winter as there’s a roof but no walls or doors. I was still cold, though. It was -9C in January.

The partner got my green onion dumplings. Hard to avoid green onions in Korea.

I posted some photos of mung bean pancakes at this market on the lunch thread like a couple of weeks ago.


Great post + pictures, Presunto. So nice to see our HO travelers familiar with locations like this.

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