In house vs 3rd party deliveries

There are many 3rd party delivery services for takeout orders which indicates that people are satisfied with these services. I’ve tried searching for restaurants that offer in house deliveries with poor results even checking websites of restaurants known to have their own delivery.
Am I an odd one out wanting to avoid the 3rd party services? Maybe incorrect but I have more confidence in ‘in house’ deliveries.

We usually order home delivery through a delivery service. It’s a convenient way of seeing who delivers to my area and having a single ordering platform. Most restaurants contract with the service to include delivery but some simply use the company’s ordering platform and deliver themselves. I havent seen whether one offers a better delivery service than the other, although when the service’s own drivers are employed, you can track their position usign online mapping.


I’ve had good results with some third parties (Chowbus) and mixed results with others ( I also haven’t found many restaurants using their own staff for delivery anymore. And I won’t use Caviar and like that, because it’s too expensive.

I live in Los Angeles, CA. Only one local restaurant that I know of, Coop Pizza hires their own delivery drivers. I suspect the insurance is too expensive for most restaurant owners.

I rarely order take out; usually I cook at home or go out to a restaurant. However, during the lockdowns we ordered take out a couple of times a week to support our favorite restaurants. We always made sure to call the restaurant directly to place our order and we picked up our orders instead of having them delivered.

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If even in Manhattan restaurants don’t deliver themselves anymore, surely most elsewhere haven’t taken it up.

This certainly sounds true.