In home private dining parties.......(Announcement) NJ

I have some exciting news I would like to announce. I’ve been in the financial and real estate business for 35 years! I’m burned out…while I’ll never give up my day job, I’m no longer focusing on its growth. My passion has always been the hospitality industry, I have been involved in dozens of restaurants, bars, etc. over the years, mostly behind the scenes, a few as front of house as many of you know, but mostly behind the scenes.

I am proud to announce I have launched a new-ish concept, in house dinner party and entertainment. Eat-ertainment as it is known. Current lineup of events available:

1.) Make your own dinner parties: Sushi - Mozzarella - Cheescake, Specialty Egg Rolls and more!
2.) Yoga / fitness / sound baths - healthy menu including vegan recipes Beach yoga and full day at private beach club including lunch and dinner at the beach.
3.) Make up - Fashion parties by an Emmy Award Winning Make Up Artist. (Has done, President Biden, Dali lama many stars and world leaders and celebrities) From CBS.
4.) Murder Mystery Dinner Parties
5.) Paranormal Investigation / Dinner parties
6.) Marijuana / THC infused dinner party and expert explanation of strains their effects and blends created for individual needs. (stress relief - Anxiety - Sleep - Relaxation - Creativity etc )

More coming soon and any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

Attached is a copy of the menu / itinerary for my event tonight. Please reach out if you would like any additional information. Social media will be released shortly.

More to come from me shortly! Thank you all and happy eats!


Good luck and please explain makeup artist to Dali Lama also love the marijuana party idea
You should hit a home run with that one

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Congratulations and all the best!

That’s quite a range of ideas you have covered!

Any limitation on locations in NJ? I’d love to send this to friends, so lmk if there’s something shareable like a pdf.

Looking forward to the social media launch - I bet my parents would like the make-your-own parties.


An industry bursting at the seams! Best of luck locally!

Popular ideas here.

Best of Luck!!!

Might as well bump this back up again with my latest announcement!!

I am proud to announce the latest addition to my hospitality brand with Beach Bites @ Deal Casino Beach Club. Unfortunately, the beach club is private, however Beach Bites also serves the public at the Conover Pavilion at Deal public beaches.

This includes the addition of Ocean Brew Coffee whom I have teamed with to serve the finest coffee products and beverages. Ocean Brew is an independent coffee roaster - and coffee retailer at their location in Spring Lake, NJ. I am happy to announce this enhancement to the Beach Bites Brand. (ordering app coming soon)

Stay tuned for more updates and further announcements as I continue to expand my hospitality brand. I also want to give a shout out to Chef Eddie Goldberg for partnering with this project. Big things coming in the Summer of 24’.

BB Location


I must admit that I was holding back my congratulations as I wasn’t completely sure it was true.
Well, with this second post I am a believer.
You couldn’t pay me enough to do off-premise catering/events. I remember the event that broke me as I had to go to the store 7 times to pickup items the cooks/owner forgot to pack. Shed a tear on that last trip and swore never again.
That being said, Congratulations and Good Luck! Check stuff three times, serve once would be my motto.


Awesome Jr! Keep us posted on your work! I’ve been contemplating doing something similar, like setting up an EatWith/AirBNB experience thing for dinner.


I just wanted to do a little follow up on a couple of things. One thing in particular I wanted to do is always give credit where it’s due. Our friend @gcaggiano has teamed up with me on the Eater-tainment venture. Greg , if you didn’t know, is an ex-educator and now paid speaker and presenter on all topics from Gangsters - Ghosts - History. One such historical topic he is an expert on is the Titanic Tragedy. As such we have created an Eater-tainment Event called: Last Dinner on the Titanic. As explained below we will prepare and serve a menu of items offered to the passengers on the Titanic.

Greg will go on to discuss all events surrounding the evening as well as many little to unknown details of that fateful night. Also, as part of the Paranormal Investigative dinner parties we do record the events of the evening. We provide a video available on YouTube for the guests. Here we see the editing process by our videographer Patrick.

If you want to meet a couple of Ho’s consider us for your next home party or corporate event.


Just sharing this because as I keep announcing some more news on my dive back into this industry, I just wanted to share a little with you. Throughout my business experience in life, I have always believed in leading by example. I cannot expect someone to give me their best, if they don’t think I deserve it. I’m a firm believer in never asking of an employee something you have either done or are willing to do yourself.

As I start working again “professionally” for myself in the hospitality business, it’s important my team, including my Chef, have full confidence in MY ability and MY commitment towards my business. As such, I spent Memorial Day weekend as the 3rd man on my own kitchen line. Yes, I’m now the Big Fry Guy. lol They tell me if I work hard, do a good job, I can be second man on the grill by July 4th.

I’m working out some cobwebs and some back and leg issues as I try to get myself back into kitchen shape. I did 20 hours on the line this weekend and it did kick my ass, but I can still do it, so I will.

More to come, but please take it from me; You are never too old to pursue your passions. It’s been a long time since I was “actively” involved in the daily running of any kitchen/restaurant, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. Stay tuned, more news to come!! (hopefully!!) lol

This is what happens when you run out of fries during the lunch rush. Your Chef calls you out on social media. He threatened to dock my pay, I had to remind him I’m not getting paid!
(unfortunately the video I wanted to post was too large to upload)


I REALLY appreciate this as I continue to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. (Seriously) Congratulations on getting back to what you were meant to do!


Best of luck, Bob and Greg!

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Hey, 35 years and a rather impressive resume at my day job and I think I really have nothing else to prove. I’m not going to hang it up, but I just don’t have the self-motivation to keep up the daily grind. I need a change of scenery and of mindset. I’m very fortunate to be able to make this change.

Time will tell how wise it was, but for now I’m going with it. ( More news coming soon!!!)

Not being sarcastic but if anyone is looking for an opportunity, I have a deli / sandwich shop with an EXCELLENT reputation and food. It’s only 4 years old and just turning profitable, but the owner(s) just bit off more than they can chew. I don’t have the time but if anyone is looking for an opportunity let me know. I really like the place and think it has big potential, just very bad timing for me right now.


Pre 2nd kid I would prob be all over this! Getting back to my college days. Deli game locally could use some more

Congrats on the new venture to both you @NotJrvedivici and @gcaggiano Looks to be exciting new opportunity as well as chance for you guys both to do something you love


Congrats on the new gig!! Love the ideas!!!

What town is that deli in? I need another project like a hole in the head but…