In Golden Age of Food Mags, Which Were your Fav's?

It wasn’t so long ago really, but I do miss those days! I came of cooking age with Bon Apetit, which I adored, and cooked from a lot. I then added Gourmet to subscriptions & enjoyed it till the bitter end. I’d pick up a Cuisine or two, quite underrated I thought. Currently I enjoy Fine Cooking and Garden & Gun when I can find it up in the far north. How about you, which (if any) are your favorites?

We still have BBC Good Food magazine on subscription. It’s been good for recipes and general interest over the years but, for us, less so in the last couple of years. I think it’s become something of a “seen that, done that, bought the apron” thing. We may not renew when the subscription is due. Certainly cooking from our books much more of late

It’s the golden age NOW in France, food publishing is crazy for magazines, books and TV programmes, everything concerns food sell!

For magazines, Fou de Patisserie is a mag that on covers sweet, first half of each mag is about professional cakes, complex recipes and great photo, the latter half for home cooks with easier recipes. It’s really food porn.

The same publisher made Fou de Cuisine, a mag talks about restauranteurs and their recipes. YAM is a mag published by 6-stars chef Yannick Alléno, each issue covers a 2 or 3-star chef, very interesting read, although I seldom cook from it. Recently, I start to get interested in 180ºC, a independent mag without any endorsement or ads, the recipes are quite good and throughly tested out. I read also Régal, a bit less now, the new editorial style starts to be annoying as they are only doing more Instagram hit cooking. I also read BEEF, a food mag targeted at men, husband loves the recipes, meat or high cab or bbq cooking, what men love…


I got a 1 year e-subscription of Delicious mag a few years ago due to a promo. Some recipes were interesting.

On the rare occasions that we buy Delicious, I’ve always thought it as being the "easy cooking " version of Good Food.

I found them in my old iPad, 2013 issues! You’re right, they seemed a bit “basic” now I flip through them.

I really haven’t got favourites but I do enjoy reading a thing or two off Eater, and Food and Wine. But i am down for books about food.

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Wow, I think you are lucky if you have such choices in France. It’s very interesting that the food magazine scene remains vibrant where you are.

Gourmet in the U.S. stood out for me as a venue for long-form, researched food writing. I am not aware of an online publisher that has done the quite the same since that magazine’s run ended.


Born Appetit was so beautifully done when it came out.


I really dug Saveur for the first several years. It started to get repetitive after awhile, or maybe I just got jaded.


I loved Gourmet and had a subscription until the end. I also loved Saveur which, after a change in editor, became just like every other boring magazine. Lucky Peach got better and better, and then it went out of business. I have never cared for Bon Appetit or Food and Wine, and I currently get the Food Network magazine (surprised I enjoy it because I never watch the channel) and read my mother’s Eating Well which she started getting after Cooking Light went under. It’s not bad. At this point, my cooking has gotten much simpler and I’m more experienced so I hardly ever actually make a recipe from a magazine.