In Alaska’s Far-Flung Villages, Happiness Is a Cake Mix

really puts things in perspective; made me realize how much of a food snob i’ve become.


I love articles like this, thank you.


Alaska’s many weather delays mean the mix never shows up on time, but she doesn’t care because it qualifies her for partial refunds on her annual Prime membership.

“I can’t remember the last time I paid the Amazon Prime fee,” she said.

Thanks! Great story.

Thank you for sharing, wonderwoman. Though I am not from Alaska, this story brought back childhood memories all the same. Cake from a boxed mix was usually our family dessert after Sunday dinner. The possibilities those boxes promised! Devil’s food, yellow cake – deliciousness could be yours just by adding an ingredient or two and following directions.

Most often the cake would be frosted with homemade mocha icing concocted with leftover coffee. I was wowed the day that a Boston Cream Pie cake mix made it into the house. My young eyes had never seen such a delight. I imagine that Alaska’s cake ladies bring that same kind of happiness with their baking.

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