Impossible meat [Boston, MA]

So, all you hungry onions out there: how many of you have been scarfing impossible burgers, but have been afraid to tell (mustard yellow)?

Speak up, people.

I had my first ib from the Rhythm 'n Wraps food truck today. It was dry, and only implausibly burger-like, but worth further exploration.

I’ve always given that wraps truck the side eye because, well, I hate wraps. Didn’t know that they served the impossible burger. Do you know particular other places around that have it?

Clover has a nice meatball version as one of their plates and it tasted very good and you could easily think these are regular meatballs

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The hype had led me to believe that it could mimic pretty well the bloody taste and mouthfeel of a rare burger. Is that not true?

The one I had a couple of weeks ago was thin, and cooked through to the point that the edges were a bit crisp.

Sassafras, the new incarnation of Eat at Jumbo’s in Ball Square Somerville, has impossible burgers on the menu for $17 a pop. Anyone eat there yet?

Between the lack of menu posted on the window and no signage, that place could use some marketing assistance. The price of the dishes has delayed me from trying the place out.

Same here. I also had to actually pick up a phone last week and call to get a screenshot of a menu emailed to me. Having run a restaurant for so long, you would think they’d be a little more on the ball.

The thin crispy edges is actually the best way to cook the impossible burger or the beyond burger (which is getting easier to find to make at home). The center stays a softer texture, but you don’t want a too thick patty. Can’t say how close it is to a rare burger since it’s been decades since i had a beef burger.

I have some omni friends who usually buy $$ grass fed organic blahblah meats and they like that the beyond burger is another option that costs less than the butcher they go to. Incidentally the beyond meat chicken strips are absolutely worthwhile
I don’t think the impossible burger is available at retail, just restaurants

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after my Bagelsaurus fail, I needed to find somewhere in Harvard Sq to score a quick breakfast, so I went to Clover because it’s close to my work and I actually wanted to try the impossible sausage and egg breakfast thing they have, even though I’m pretty lukewarm on Clover.

Overall it wasn’t bad, though with tax it’s almost ten bucks so it’s a mediocre value. The impossible meat “sausage” patty was pretty good, with decent texture and was flavored well. It did mimic a sausage patty to a large extent and worked right in the context of the sandwich. I mostly liked the way the egg was cooked and the Vermont cheese on it had a pleasing sharpness.

I was less enamored of the pita because a) I think pita is kind of a poor breakfast sandwich medium and b) it was really extremely dry and the egg yolk wasn’t runny enough to make up for it. I know some people like the Clover pitas, but I gotta say that I am mostly not a fan and here I felt like it let down the whole sandwich. The ingredients here were totally fine and I would like to explore more versions of impossible meat, but on the whole if the fake sausage and egg were on a decent English muffin, this sandwich would have been a lot better.


I don’t know whether or not The Friendly Toast’s vegetarian sausage is an example of impossible meat but I couldn’t tell it wasn’t the real thing. Love that Annie’s Quesadilla!

Just wanted to note that Saus in Bow Market has an impossible burger, as does the newly opened Avenue Kitchen in Ball Square (Somerville) which replaced Pescatore.


I missed this thread the first round, but Little Donkey has an impossible burger on their lunchtime/mid-afternoon snack menu. It’s a pretty good burger, and I found it tasted, and texture-wise like meat. Little Donkey’s version is a thinner patty, similar to a Smash-burger style.