Image upload problem

(Mod note: users raised a broken image problem in another thread)

For some reasons, the pictures are not loading on my computer.

Nor on my phone

nor on mine.

So I fixed it by re-uploading the images. But I have noticed similar problems popping up elsewhere. The problem- the images load initially after uploading. But after a few hours, the images disappear. Other examples related to @hyperbowler and 's posts:

Did anyone else come across broken, recently uploaded images?

I may ‘restart’ the server but I am not sure what the issue is either. Seems random.

I just did the ‘restart’ (rebuild), and that’s what the software developer recommended as well. If new uploaded images show this problem, please flag.

As to the existing broken images, @hyperbowler , and any other will have to reupload the images.