Image server migration


My default page is the “latest” page, which now looks like the attached screenshot. The default red “onion” avatars are nearly invisible. Is it you or me? iPad Air.image


This issue was discussed in the posts above.



Since many people have problem with this light onion logo place holder, I wonder if making the place holder white (blank space) will lead to less misunderstanding in interface.


IMO that would be worse. I thought the onion looked fine at full opacity.

(Dan) #25

If the HO logo is in full color while using an iphone, why does it need to appear faded using an ipad?


For iPhone, it displays the avatar of member, not the picture in the post. On iPad, like on computer, it is the first picture of the post on display.

(Dan) #27

Was this new layout decision made for a reason? I know when I joined the HO logo was in full color regardless of viewer device. If its more helpful to discussion then Im not aware how.


I think the forum software « discourse » continues to evolve all this time.

For me personally, whatever direction is fine. Logo or not, full colour or not.

Sometimes, it is a question of habit to get use to the interface, needs time to adjust.

(Dan) #29

Ok, thanks for responding.