Il Nido, Marlboro, NJ

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This is a tragedy for our local restaurant community and especially the family. Remember while we have established friendships etc. this is still a public forum and in my opinion not a proper venue to discuss theories as to the cause of the tragedy.

Let’s focus our conversation(s) on the sadness of the event mixed with happy memories and reporting of future visits.

The facts speak for themselves please keep any further discussion regarding potential cause private and not for public consumption. I ask this not as a “Moderator” but rather out of respect for the family.

Thank you.


Thanks for sharing that!

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So, anyone interested?

Might be a fun, yet expensive, HoDown

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I had an ok meal here once & a good meal here once at about $125 a head with either my wine or a cocktail.
$250 for a good meal in a strip mall pp is not something I would be interested in.
Overlooking a beautiful view or in an interesting location I might consider.
Luxury strip mall dinner is not in my vocabulary.
Cheers to all who attend…

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Posting the proposed menu. Looks yummy!


We recently had our first disappointing dinner at Il Nido. Things we have ordered before were not as good and some new items were lackluster. I thought perhaps since it was a Tuesday night, the Chef wasn’t there and the “second team” was to blame. Upon inquiry, I learned the original Chef, Joe Voller, there since they opened is gone and they have new chef.

I hope this was just an off night but will wait to hear from other regulars what they think of the new chef.


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@BossaNova in the infamous words of Scooby Doo: “Ruh Roh !!!” (hope all is well my friend)


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We dined at Il Nido outdoors (in one of the tents) last Sunday. This was our first time back since last October.

Joe Voller has been gone for some time (before owner Joe Folgore died in Feb.). When we asked what happened to Voller, we were told he went on vacation and never came back. No explanation why. The chef who replaced Voller as e.c. is not “new.” Worked with him as sous chef.

I’m surprised and sorry your meal was disappointing. Everything we had was well-prepared and delicious.

We haven’t been back to Il Nido since last December (just before Joseph the owner passed away). Chef Voller was already gone for several months back then. When Chef Voller left, owner Joseph told us that they were planning on opening a more casual affordable restaurant in the strip mall (selling pizza, hamburgers, and fried chicken sandwiches, among other things; similar to what they did over the summer on certain days during Covid), and that Chef Voller would be the chef at the new casual restaurant. I’m not sure how that is progressing since owner Joseph’s unfortunate passing.
Although we absolutely loved Il Nido, we just can’t seem to get ourselves to go back. I don’t see it being the same without the warm greeting from Joseph who always took such good care of us, and made sure that we had our special table reserved each month. Also, the prices have just gotten too exorbitant, almost to the point of price gouging (almost $40 for pasta, $62 for a small filet mignon, $56 for short ribs, $59 for lamb shank, seafood dishes for close to $50 with barely a side dish). It seemed like every month we go, the prices would go up $5 or $10. They were charging more than Manhattan prices and are located in a strip mall in the middle of nowhere.
We have also found some really excellent restaurants up North (although an hour away from us, but we don’t have to take the horrible Garden State Parking Lot).
We may return at some point in the future, but are in no rush.


Wow…given the fact I can get an EXCELLENT lamb shank/over orzo from The Greek Spot which includes an excellent Greek salad for $ 14.50 I’ve got to agree with you regarding the price. Yes, there is a substantial difference in the quality of the experience, but if it comes down to just food…



Joe Folgore always made it his business to come to our table to welcome us and chat. His death is a horrible loss. However, his wife Sandy is soldiering on and running things. In the past, we would stop by their table to say hello to her. This time, she made it her business to come to our table and spend quite a bit of time chatting. She is just as warm and welcoming as Joe was. It didn’t occur to us to ask her if plans for that more casual restaurant will go forward. We will next time.

Even though BYO is allowed with a corkage fee, Mr. R. decided to purchase an excellent bottle from their list. Since I don’t drink, he brought along his Coravin so the bottle would be sealed after he poured as much as he wanted (approx. 2 glasses), and we took it home. Sandy brought their beverage director out to meet us. A very impressive young man. His previous position was at Elements, in Princeton.

While I can’t deny that $59 is high, at Il Nido, it comes with morels (expensive) and fave beans (expensive and labor intensive to prepare) as well as polenta which I’m guessing is made with top quality Parmegian Reggiano (expensive). Orzo and a salad not so much. I’m also guessing that the shank at Il Nido is of much higher quality (from an upscale purveyor) than what one gets at a place like The Greek spot.

These takes are comical to say the least.

How so?

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