IL Lago, Italian in highlands nj


Does anyone have any Intel? The stuffed pork chop, veal shank and veal parm sound great. I saw pics online and those bone in entrées look tasty. The pork and veal I think are specials. 12 dollar antipast? That is calling my name. This place looks to have potential and it seems to be priced fairly.

@Metsfan86 I think you’re up buddy! Time to take one for the team and let us know the deal lol


@coldbeer70. Any intel? I will try to get here this week

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I belong to some of the local town Facebook groups (not run by the town). The owner of Il Lago is always posting specials, menus, and anything she can to get people in on the Highlands page. It became rather off-putting. But they have good reviews.

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Francesco’s [practically] across the street is supposed to be good as well.


There is obviously some competition when it comes to Italian around Monmouth county. I hope it is decent. I will try to get there this week…maybe.

I’ve had pizza at francescos a few times with the emporer. They make some decent pies. I had one sit down dinner and I wasn’t thrilled. It wasn’t bad at all. I just thought “yeah, I could probably make this better at home”

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That sounds like the pork chop at Blu Grotto, which has become my go to dish there.