Il Giardino di Albino [Rome]

Just between via Sistina and via del Tritone on via Zucharelli,
Our first night in Rome, March '22
Dinner was incredibly satisfying. We started with a bottle of nice, celebratory Franciacorta and shared plate of perfectly fried shrimp and calamari and some spot on al dente spaghetti with little clams and pistachio nuts and my favorite, sauteed cicoria. We ended with a great little tiramisu and coffee.
Conto: € 92 including around 30 for the wine.
This place is not on the “internet” radar and I would call it a hidden gem. Excellent food and service


Thanks for this tip! I am planning an extended trip to room with my cousin who has never been there before despite his father (who studied cooking with Marcella Hazan) and mother moving to Albuquerque when he and his sister were kids to open an Italian restaurant there. I’ll have to really put my thinking cap on to make sure he gets varied/interesting idea of Roman eats!