Il Forno Marketplace, White Plains to serve beer & wine...

It has been a year or so since Tony Spiritoso of La Bocca Ristorante and partners opened their jazzy Italian deli called Il Forno Italian Marketplace in White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave. near Bloomingdale Road. It is a cozy good, colorful well edited market with just a few tables inside and out, depending on the weather. Now I hear that Chef Spiritoso will be serving beer and wine too… it has become a popular spot and I hope they can contain it.

And the parking is delightful.


I used to work in the area but never went in - parking was awful, so I stuck with the Iron Tomato. I always wondered about it. What makes it jazzy?

Gwenn, nothing any other fancy expensive Italian deli doesn’t have. I went in when they first opened and had a very good calzone sample.

The horrific parking isn’t worth the trouble. At least with Francesco’s, I can wait until after 6:00pm and park for free.

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Also, doesn’t Tony have beer and wine at La Bocca in downtown White Plains? Nope, no free parking near La Bocca either.

Smacks of desperation. I can get all the beer and wine - and better food - at Francesco’s, why would I need to pay Tony?

Reminds me of the absurdly overpriced Tarry Lodge and Tarry Market.

The store has a bright playful design and the display cases and pizza wall oven are quite appetizing. Never had a big problem parking there, wait a few minutes at the most. Sometimes there is some great interaction with the counter staff.
Recently had a sampling of a delicious cheese from Sardegna along with some 4 year old melt in your mouth prosciutto. Delightful!

My mother in law was from Sardinia - my husband loves the cheese from there.

Actually,their is parking behind them (not exactly sure how that works) as I usually find street parking or even in the gas station. I did get a very good imported salami there last time,but did not even ask what it was called- probably should have asked. Their pizzas are very good , and yes the biggest limiting factor to variety is it is a small space. fwiw the IL Forno breads are very good also.

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