Il Colosseo - Middletown, NJ

Looks like a new spot in Middletown in the Union Square plaza with House of Chong and Taliercios. Has anyone heard anything about it? Looks like they have a spot in Brooklyn as well. No website for the NJ location of course, but up on Opentable and one yelp review, no other internet or social media presence that I can find.

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Some comments on Facebook about it, nothing I would trust or hang my hat on.

Such a weird thing, they have been in that plaza for has to be 20 years.was open briefly when I first moved here, shut down soon thereafter but the sign remained. now reopened and changed the sign. I actually grew up on the block where the Brooklyn restaurant is. Ate there a few times as an adult and it was good, but that is well over 20 years ago.


The same plaza as Fratelli’s? And Taliercio’s as you mentioned? I know one is mainly sandwiches, but essentially three Italian restaurants in the same strip?


Two Italian restaurants and a deli, but yeah. And really Fratellis is a pizza place first with a good basic kitchen. Judging by the pictures, the new place is a nicer restaurant.

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