Il Colosseo - Middletown, NJ

Looks like a new spot in Middletown in the Union Square plaza with House of Chong and Taliercios. Has anyone heard anything about it? Looks like they have a spot in Brooklyn as well. No website for the NJ location of course, but up on Opentable and one yelp review, no other internet or social media presence that I can find.

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Some comments on Facebook about it, nothing I would trust or hang my hat on.

Such a weird thing, they have been in that plaza for has to be 20 years.was open briefly when I first moved here, shut down soon thereafter but the sign remained. now reopened and changed the sign. I actually grew up on the block where the Brooklyn restaurant is. Ate there a few times as an adult and it was good, but that is well over 20 years ago.


The same plaza as Fratelli’s? And Taliercio’s as you mentioned? I know one is mainly sandwiches, but essentially three Italian restaurants in the same strip?


Two Italian restaurants and a deli, but yeah. And really Fratellis is a pizza place first with a good basic kitchen. Judging by the pictures, the new place is a nicer restaurant.

Has anyone been here recently? Reviews look very solid overall…
Any feedback is appreciated. thx

Not to bump this from dead, but heard
From a cpl people that went and said it was good. Not HOs but a positive report is still a positive one

I did eat here a few months ago…yes, it was very good, but noise is a HUGE issue. I would not suggest eating at prime time on a weekend (like we did) as we seriously had difficulty hearing each other at a table for 4! Go during the week…food is worth the trip…

The website for the NJ location strangely lacks a menu. I Googled “ IC menu,” and their Seamless menu came up. Appears to be their full menu which looks good. From a picture of the restaurant’s frontage, it looked as though they have outdoor seating. Via Open Table, outdoor tables can be reserved. Goes on my “to dine” list. Hope to try it soon.

Note: The official address is 500 Route 35, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Hi…the menu is on the site…try:

(takes forever to load!)

The restaurant has a RB mailing address but it’s in Middletown…Union Square Mall (same as Taliercio’s)