Il Casale (Belmont, MA) is still closed - where to grab a nice midweek dinner instead?

Hi All. This is ridiculously vague but I’m at a total loss. I’m meeting up with two old friends next Wednesday at 8pm and we had planned to go to Il Casale, which I was very excited about because I rarely ever get out of Cambridge/Somerville (LOL). According to their Facebook page, they are still “weeks away” from reopening so I’m guessing we won’t be able to go. I can’t think of anything else! I live in Union Square, Somerville and my friends are in Watertown and Mission Hill. I’ll eat anything but I want a good meal for sure. The only requirement really is parking and being somewhat in the middle of our three locations. I have a baby at home so I don’t have the extra time midweek to deal with public transportation or driving around looking for spots (literally gives me anxiety just thinking about it!). Any amazing ideas?! Thank you so much for your help!

Branch Line in Watertown has been getting good reviews, and there’s parking. Strip T’s is nearby as well.

Branch Line is a good suggestion, and there’s always Il Casale in Lexington, which I don’t like quite as much as Belmont but still enjoy. Love Dante’s carbonara.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Branchline. There’s plenty of parking, and as long as you make a reservation, you shouldn’t have any issues getting in. Also it’s a great place for sharing, the chicken is amazing.

I sometimes forget that Bergamot and Oleana both have free lots. Another option that may work for you is Sycamore in Newton with a public lot nearby.

Thanks all!!! I suggested branch line but they didn’t seem particularly interested. It’s on my radar though for sure. My friend who lives in mission hill suggested Acitron in Arlington, which should be fine. I’ve heard ok things but I know it’s a little expensive for what it is. Convenience wise - it works very well for me though. An easy drive from Somerville and plentiful parking. I’m surprised she suggested something so far from her though! Whatever!

Um, not heard good things about Acitron, hope you have a good experience. Nearby Pasha is another option that never disappoints.

That’s too bad about Acitron. Ugh. I do love Pasha - I’ll see if I can gently suggest that without hurting any feelings. :wink:

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PSA… Il Casale in Belmont has reopened.

Thanks Uni! My friend had to cancel last minute as her flight back into town was delayed. So, we ended up going out last week to Il Casale as they had just reopened. :slight_smile: It was great (and I avoided Acitron LOL). I had a half portion of their special pasta of the night with clams and mussels. I’m a pretty big eater and was hesitant to get a half portion but the waiter assured me it would be enough food. It was. We also split the arancini, which were delicious and the burrata, which was also very good. I had a nice glass of white wine from the Marche region, which I know nothing about but ordered because my parents just went there on vacation last year. LOL. It was great. I thought the prices were reasonable and I’d definitely go back. The place was bustling on a Wednesday night at 8pm. Really nice atmosphere.

I also made it to Branchline this weekend. It was also good and I’d go back if I needed to meet friends in Watertown again. Again, I thought the prices were reasonable and I felt like the value was there. We split an order of the half chicken (which was actually plenty of food), the snap pea salad, the salted avocado, a side of potatoes and the chocolate brownie for dessert. Nice place!

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