Ikea's New Commercial

I have to admit, this had me laughing at my desk just now…



Talk about soft-sell commercials! i do get the idea of simply entertaining an audience, but I’m not getting the message if there is one.

I took it as “stop wasting your time taking all these pics and trying to get approval from strangers and start spending quality meal time with your family in your Ikea kitchen.”


It’s very cute, but I don’t think it’s going to sell too many furniture kits. The point should be that you built this beautiful home for your beautiful family, so enjoy it with them. Which is a good point! That the ad doesn’t make.

Great - loved it. Thanks for sharing!

See, I think it does. It shows someone obsessing over their food pic and waiting for the pat on the back from the strangers, while their loved ones wait. Then the moment of realization hits and the person realizes that he should be enjoying what’s around him – his family, the home cooked meal served on Ikea dinnerware, served at the Ikea dining table in the Ikea kitchen.


Except all that followed a VERY long period version of ‘what’ I wasn’t sure until the man started snapping pics nearer the end. Went over my head until then. The iPhone commercial where the son is taking phone shots and seeming detached until the end was much more effective at delivering it’s message. JMHO of course.

I’m with you right up 'til [quote=“boogiebaby, post:6, topic:5975”]
served on Ikea dinnerware, served at the Ikea dining table in the Ikea kitchen.

Those things simply are not identifiable - if they’re even present - in the ad. The ad is designed to make you feel a certain way about Ikea without ever conveying what, exactly, Ikea is or does. I find that an odd choice.

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seen a Coca Cola commercial lately? (or decades ago – what exactly does a rainbow of people standing on a hillside singing about teaching the world to sing have to do with soda? The soda is there, but the commercial doesn’t tell you what it is or how it tastes or why you should buy it) Head on over to YouTube and have a look at all the feels that Publix airs, especially in their holiday commercials.

Appealing to emotions is a pretty standard approach for companies with mature brands.

I was literally laughing out loud at the commercial – it underlines how preposterous our obsession with taking photos of our food really is.


I’m well familiar with the concept. I just don’t think it works in this instance.

And to expand on this further, the gold standard for this sort of advertising (according to me) is not the Coke ad, with its warm fuzzy join hands drink soda, which was much more explicit than the Ikea ad in both its appeal and in connecting said appeal to the brand in question. The gold standard is Apple 1984, which managed to be simultaneously inspiring and terrifying. That’s a neat trick. I like the Ikea ad, but it seems aimed at people who make ads, rather than people who buy stuff.

kinda like the Superbowl. (I know…case in point. I remember watching that commercial thinking WTH???)


I think most people know what Ikea is and what they do. I don’t think the ad needs to spell it out. I would be shocked to meet someone who had never heard of Ikea.

I thought it was a add for I Phone .

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I guess the ad wasn’t as obvious as I thought it was! Oh well, I still thought it was funny and that’s why I shared it. :slight_smile:


I did too! Don’t care what the message was!


As someone who Instagrams their food, I thought that ad was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!


Exactly! That’s why I do less and less WFD now. Sorry folks :smiley:

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