The suspense, if indeed there WAS any surrounding the rebranding of IHOP, is over. The “b” is for burger, and the company says it is a temporary addition to the menu, for summer. They added a handful of rather boilerplate steakburger choices, like barbecue bacon and mushroom Swiss. Some California locations will alter signage but not the rest of the country. The campaign was being mocked as a publicity stumble even before it was observed that the revised logo looks like the label of the ob brand of tampons.


Personally, how do they jump from pancakes to burgers? And I’m probably the only person on the planet that hates their pancakes. Saw the burgers on tv yesterday - they looked just as bad!!

Two words: New Coke.

I can’t imagine anyone thinking that this rebranding (lol, autocorrect changes that to ‘degrading’, which may not be wrong) could be a good idea.

To change a long-standing name and logo, and to wander over to such an overdone category…they must be in far more trouble than anyone thought.


I thought I read somewhere that this is only a temporary “rebrand” for the summer and that only a few stores in CA received rebranded signs. So this just seems like a marketing PR stunt to bring awareness to their non-breakfast items. To that effect it seems highly effective - I’ve read about it everywhere.


True, very good marketing. They’ve always had burgers.

It’s been highly effective at bring scorn and derision to their brand. I haven’t been to an IHOP since college but I doubt I would like their burgers.

I’m not sure the people of HO are their target market . . . .


You can order your iHOb burger with.a.side.of.pancakes. :laughing:


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Abblepee’s!:grin::joy::grimacing: I almost beed my bants…

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that came out well after the original story broke.

Like New Coke, we may never know if the backpedal was planned or forced.

I like someone says in the thread above, this is a temporary change and limited. It already has accomplished it’s goals.

The best Burger in my neighborhood is at Denny’s, believe it or not. The meat is fresh, never frozen and cooked medium rare. Choose from a variety of buns, cheeses and fresh vegetable toppings. Not all Denny’s are made the same, however. I went to one in Dallas that was pretty pitiful.

My husband read me some of Wendy’s tweets the other night - whoever runs their Twitter page has a real knack for trolling. I was laughing my ass off.


Check out the official MoonPie Twitter account: I have a serious crush on whoever runs it - their interactions with followers are brilliant.


Very impressive and progressive for a hundred year old brand

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