ignore button?

I thought it had been asked before but I can’t find the thread. How do I put someone on ignore? I’m pretty certain disqus has this provision, does it not?

I asked for it early on, but Sampson prefers not to have one. You can mute so you don’t receive notices of certain folks’ posts, that’s all.

I’d like an ignore feature too, but can act as if I’ve used one even without it, no problem in certain cases.


To clarify I prefer to have one, but the software doesn’t have this feature.

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Sorry, I misremembered! (get used to it; happens a lot). :slight_smile:

I figured out how to mute threads so they don’t appear in “latest” (YAY!) but I see an area in my preferences about muting people- how does that work? Do I copy and paste their user name in there or is there somewhere in the discussions to do it?

The mute function for posters just means you won’t be notified when they post, not that you won’t see them.

I’m cool with that. Some control is better than none.

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I wonder if it’s worth asking the software people to consider providing one.

I use forums based on the Invision platform and it’s a really nice facility to have when the irritating fuckwit becomes such an irritating fuckwit that your next response to them is likely to see you banned.

On one hand, I am usually content with leaving the fuckwit’s posts on view, rather than reporting the offence they can cause. It allows others to see the fuckwits for what they are. But, on the other, I come here to have a bit of fun not to get into slanging matches with some tosser on the other side of the world and would just prefer not to have to watch my back every time I post.

Needless to say, I may have no-one in particular in mind but, you know, it’d be just a nice facility to have. The fun on Invision forums is the fuckwit never knows if they are being “ignored” and you simply havent risen to the provocation. Must spoil their enjoyment, not knowing if their wind-up has worked or not - inherently a good thing with these arsewipes


You know the “muted” function below each the blue “reply” button? So you won’t receive notification on every reply.

Stonesoups post upthread says that “mute” means you don’t get notifications but you do still see the post. I don’t seem to get notificiations of any post - presumably, if I did, it’d be coming to my email?

Notification: you got that with the menu when you click your avatar on the top right hand corner with a number count. (Sometimes, you get that by email, but not always, I never really understand how it works).

For example, the WFD thread I have created, I put it under “normal” and not “tracking”, if not everytime some body replied, I would get a new notification and probably would drove me crazy.

OK, got it, naf. I never pay attention to the listing top right, unless it’s highlighted with a personal message.