If you like pina coladas, try coconut lacroix.

Who would’ve thunk it? I was pleasantly surprised.

Have you encountered a flavor of beverage or really anything lately that you were surprised to like?

Can you tell us what’s in it?

La Croix is one of the dozens of brands of flavored seltzer water that has come on the market in the past few years as an alternative to soda. They are unsweetened. Just carbonated water and however they voo-doo their flavors. So this one is just coconut flavored seltzer…

This! Very surprised I like this. 70 proof so be fair warned. So far on the rocks with cider and on rocks with ginger ale.

What does it taste like? When i see “apple pie” it makes me nervous. Is it apple-y or more of an apple pie spice type thing (a la pumpkin spice - which isn’t pumpkin-y at all)? Is it sweet?

I’m in a bourbon and apple cider phase right now, so this could be up my alley.

Smooth smokey and cinnamon comes thru in the first sip.
Cut with an acid its nice. I’m not fond of super sweet drinks so for me this add pure clean apple flavor without a sweet note.

Adding-but unsweetened apple cider.

This looks tasty! Do you know of any brands that dont have “natural flavoring” and caramel color? I’m definitely not a health nut. I’m just wondering if there are any brands that are 100% natural.


This is the only other brand I’ve had…

I haven’t had any real shine expect for one time years ago. This guy rob I know got some but they flavored it with some candy or something and it was way too sweet. I tried a few store brands but none really did it for me. They were low in alcohol though.