If you ever needed a reason to stop using Yelp

This just pissed me off to no end. Unconscionable.

Kenji’s justified rant against Yelp

Edited to add: I scrolled through the comments and saw that “mscelfo,” presumably Michael Scelfo, a well known/regarded restaurateur in Boston also complained about this unethical practice and Yelp changed their tune. Still, too little too late. Restaurants already had enough to deal with right now, much less deal with shit like this.


That is outrageous, and I can’t help but wonder if it is actually legal, at least when the business actually disapproves it? If only becauseYelp is using their name despite (presumably) their express dis-authorization?

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Wow, just wow

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I’m not a fan of the GoFundMe model. I’m not a fan of Mr. López-Alt either. Restaurateurs tend not to like Yelp, mostly because people share truth. Yes, there are people who complain about anything, but there are also people who give everyone a 5-star rating. As a consumer we have to filter through all that.

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This infuriates me. Just despicable.


I usually only leave reviews for places I’ve liked. I think I’ve left one lukewarm review. I don’t want to be the kind of person that goes someplace on a bad day, gets pissed off, leaves in a huff, and slams the place via review. On the other hand, I’d be much less tempted to return after a bad experience, so it wouldn’t really be a fair assessment if it was just a bad day.

I just realized that my reply is off-topic- I saw Yelp and started thinking about Yelp in general. Yes, putting your ID/logo unapproved on somebody’s site IS despicable.