IF You Celebrate, How Will You Spend Christmas/NYE 2020?

In this strangest of years, if you celebrate, how will you spend Christmas and NYE (or NYD 2021?) Cooking, takeout, or ???

Since I’ve always wanted to spend Christmas in Santa Fe, I’m thinking about pork posole (yum), homemade tamales, biscochitos and Mexican hot chocolate. Who knows, maybe a fire in the little chimnea. It’s just going to be two here. Thinking of Thai takeout on Christmas Day. NYE will be homemade, assorted pizzas in the Ooni. NYD is whatever - maybe just a sense of relief saying bye bye to 2020!

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I’d vote for that! When I was growing up, Christmas Eve was traditionally the more elaborate holiday meal compared with Christmas Day itself. As an adult, work and/or travel obligations meant that I could never duplicate same. Still, my husband and I try to make things special.

Excellent Thai food has been one of the celebratory choices we’ve enjoyed most. Pairs nicely with a bubbly beverage.

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We did indeed make the posole, and excellent corn bread to accompany for Christmas Eve - so good! Too full for hot chocolate, and didn’t make bisochitos or tamales either. We did a little merry making while cooking, had a couple adult libations, no sliced up fingers during the intensive knife work either. Pics are on both the dinner thread, and the Xmas eve thread.
Also made double batch of pepper jelly yesterday too - photographic evidence on the home canning thread.

Plans for Christmas dinner have evolved to
Include classic Beef Wellington, Madeira sauce, green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. No idea about dessert - will have to see about that. All stocked up, so could go in a number of different directions.

Tomorrow will be Thai takeout! So excited about that!

Will update this thread with pics when I
have something.

Oh & I want to say I’m enjoying this most atypical Christmas - it’s so relaxing!

Merry Christmas to all, and a much happier New Year 2021! :christmas_tree::champagne:


Planning a appetizer buffet for four on NYE. My neighbor suggested a front door toast on the circle so thats happening. I might use the projector to run a movie or the fireworks display just to add celebratory sound to the night. My double garage doors make a
for a decent movie screen.

Simple but celebratory is the goal. Laughter over tears.

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