If anyone will appreciate this, it's you all - and feel free to share your food funnies

Talked to my sis late this afternoon and we were sharing what we were having for dinner. I say my pork/polenta thing I just posted, and she said ordering sushi. Then we had this exchange over text after I sent her a photo of mine. Background info is important - my son’s name starts with J, he is away at college, and he is allergic to peanuts. Ok here is the exchange:
Me: sent pic
Her: no sushi. Husband refused to get it. PBJ instead.
Me: Sorry about your pbj
Her: so sad
Me: Although that’s good too sometimes
Her: True
Me: We only eat the pb when j isn’t here
Her: That was sort of funny
Me: OMG unintended pun!

Cheers everyone! Lots of laughs to you all.


Lol, I had to read it twice to get it! Silly me! :joy_cat:

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Me too actually!

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There’s a food funnies thread already - would it make sense to add your post to the existing one? @moderators

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Oh yup that would be fine.