Identifying locations

Although it would seem like common courtesy to clearly identify the location of a regional business when titling a thread on a regional board, a great many posters fail to do so. Including the town/city in the title is insufficient, not that even that request is reliably complied with. Since recently active posts on the regional board listing are all grouped together, it’s necessary for the New Yorker to open the thread to learn, disappointingly, that the great BBQ is in Albany, Georgia.

Please fix this.

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I try to do so. When I post to the UK/Ireland board I might well note the city and suburb that a restaurant is in, such as “Didsbury, Manchester”. No-one is going to be in any doubt where it is. Is the issue you are raising that a similar post on, say, the New England board would not sufficiently identify which Manchester I was referring to? I think New England has more than one Manchester. Or am I missing something else. Certainly I’m all in favour in information being as helpful as possible.

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