Icepocalypse 2018 - Houston - What'd ya have?

So did you brave the roads yesterday? or early today? I was going to go out but changed my mind when I saw Metro running the park’n ride routes by midday and shutting down service at 5:30. Last time we had an ice storm (much worse than this) I smashed my car up real good.

I had a couple of bowls of chicken soup with Minor’s soup base. I had been to CM the day before and picked up garlic, green onions and a huge beautiful bunch of cilantro but didn’t think about other soup fixins so that’s all I had. Very satisfying. If I have to repeat today, I’ll maybe make dumplings or throw some frozen potstickers in.

A container of chili in the freezer is also beckoning to me but maybe by early afternoon the roads will be ice free.

How did you weather the great ice storm of 2018?

So yesterday, Tuesday the 16th, I had breakfast tacos early, chicken wings around 3 and chicken and sausage gumbo about 8. It was definitely a good lay-around-and-eat day.

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I made chili and cookies. This morning I put the chili on eggs. Seen the traffic grid? Trying to get out to a birthday celebration tonight, don’t know if it will be a good idea. No frozen pipes though, luckily. My bro in Rosenberg, not so lucky.

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We’re still marooned with ice covering our porch and especially stairs of our swanky second story apartment, no sun, facing east. The Wifeacita has come down with serious cabin fever and has been trying to clear them with hot water but it freezes back.

She made scrambled eggs, I don’t do eggs and her unbeatable stove top popcorn.

I’m subsisting on leftover turkey legs and canned Manhattan chowder plus some peanut butter.

She had some champagne and cheap red wine for me.

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