I would never go hungry because...

I can live on bread baking and cheap eggs.


Curious minds,

You mean bread baking as a profession? or eating bread and eggs as single food for the rest of your life?

For me, single dish: ramen (or noodles)
Single cuisine: still hesitating between Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese, probably Japanese

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Pizza. Or french fries. Or both!

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No, not professionally. I mean the foods that could sustain you if abundance was not an option.

My son asked me this question the other day and bread and eggs immediately came to mind. I was telling him about the cooking I have started getting into…which led to this question.

We are now too used to varieties. When I look at the original ingredients a few centuries ago in France, it was limited, and no tomatoes and potatoes.

…“I can ‘taco’ just about anything. And I pressure-cook beans.”


Amazing coincidence here on my side. I was thinking along these lines this morning while chewing on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on rye toast. :blush:

“Would I starve to death, if left all alone in this my old age?” My answer was a resounding “no”. I can do enough around a stove and outdoor grill to keep me well fed and a bit on the chubby side.


We can garden year round here, there’s always something to eat.

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Thats a fortunate situation anytime!

I would add tomatoes to eggs and bread. (and wine)

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Because I know how to cook

That sounds so sad!

And tequila

Not sure why this is popping up now, but…When I looked it up, hunger is “an increased appetite or craving for food.”, so yeah; it’s going to happen. Hopefully, I have the right options when it happens!