I tried Diet Coke with coffee creamer, a popular drink in Utah, and would...

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Umm, I think this is fake news. I spend a fair amount of time in Utah. Was there all last winter. Not a single person I know does this. Most of the Mormons I know still won’t drink anything with caffeine. Not in a rush to try it. I like both my coffee and coke black with no sugar.


I’ve never heard of it either and we’ve got plenty O’ Mormons around these parts.

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Fake news.


It’s a virgin Paralyzer! Add vodka and Kahlua!

I’d use 2 % milk, vodka,Kalhua and real Coca Cola, not diet.

Some Mormons I know won’t drink hot drinks. I remember listening to conversations amongst some Mormon
Law students in my class about whether it was the caffeine that was forbidden or the hot drinks that were forbidden, and why. Most Mormon law students were okay with caffeinated pop, and some seemed to have an issue with brown caffeinated pop such as Coke or Dr Pepper, but were okay with a caffeinated lime pop. I don’t know if 7 Up or Mountain Dew have caffeine or not.

The former Mormon I know drinks Coke daily, by maybe that’s partly an act of rebellion.

I used to drink Coke daily, until I started coffee at 26.

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Washington Post wrote on it, too:


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Might be good with regular Coke, diet Coke is disgusting!.

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