I-Shanghai Delight (San Ramon)

The third location of the local chain recently opened in the former Lin’s Skewer/Yiping location. The food quality is comparable to the Fremont location, and the larger space and lack of long lines make it the more appealing destination (empty at 5:45pm on a Saturday, and still some empty seats by 6:45pm).

The XLB are sweet, and I think the sweetness works better with the upgraded versions (pictured above is the spicy). Sheng Jian bao (pan fried buns) are on most tables and had a bit too hard a bottom for my liking, but lots of good soup and meat inside.

Some light dishes I’d recommend: sautéed greens with bamboo shoot, braised greens with black mushrooms (umami and great, but I’d skip if you’re ordering other dishes with the same braising sauce), and the plain boiled chicken (yellow feather chicken), which Fremont patrons know balances out the meal, but didn’t seem popular in San Ramon.


Thanks for the report. How does spicy XLB work? Like ma-la spicy?

The trivalley area seems to be upping its Chinese game in the last year. Lots of restaurants seem to be opening up.