I scream, you scream... [NJ]

I was shocked that we don’t have an ice cream thread on this board! While I don’t eat it too often any more, I had some the other night that was fantastic so I thought I’d share.
Point Creamery in Point Pleasant is new, a beautiful space with a huge patio out front so you can sit and enjoy your ice cream, and I still can’t believe how good the blueberry pie (esp) was! Oh, and a kiddie cup with 2 scoops was huge and $3. Not a typo!! I also tried the vanilla bean, which was full of vanilla flavor, and had a spoonful of the death by chocolate which was insane., with gant chunks of chocolate in it! All made on site, and they even have a few vegan options. A must-visit if you’re in the area, imo!



What is it near? I have given up on Hoffmann’s because it’s always so dirty in there.

Oh wait, I just looked it up. It’s right across from Rita’s. I do love premium ice cream, and blueberry has been on my mind since getting back from a visit to Maine. I’m going to have to try it. Thanks for the news!

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As if Atlantic Highlands doesn’t have enough going for it in the sweets department with Flaky Tart, the town can now brag about some awesome ice cream in Nicholas Creamery.


Not cheap and there was a long line but we still loved every bit. A lot of interesting flavors too.

DO TELL! As in…savory concoctions (which I love)???

Sorry, just sweet @CurlzNJ

But a few people had nice looking shakes and sundaes and there was at least one flavor with booze in it.

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NorthJersey.com just did an article on ice cream shops in North Jersey. I can’t really vouch for any of them.

North Jersey Ice Cream shops

I can vouch for Ice Cream Charlie’s in Rutherford and would also add my favorite (since childhood, but it’s still excellent, imo), Denville Dairy.

Shipwreck Bananas Foster, iirc. We were there the first weekend they were open, it wasn’t awesome but you could tell they were trying to keep up with demand. Looking forward to our next visit.

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I didn’t mean the flavor wasn’t awesome I just meant the quality was not what I had expected. Sounds like they got the Kinks worked out according to mr. Seal. I’m glad for that


I’ve always loved What’s the Scoop in Metuchen. Great environment, great prices, and quality ice cream and toppings. They also sell pizza which is actually decent.


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I said it once in the Barnacle Bill’s thread and I’ll say it again here: despite being an unlikely place for dessert, they do, on occasion, boast a killer homemade chocolate cookie ice cream. It goes good when perched atop their tollhouse pie. :smiley:


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And how about this behemoth Halo Halo at Max’s in Jersey City?



My favorite’s are
Nasto’s in Newark
Torico in Jersey City
Cookman’s Creamery in Asbury

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+1 for Nastos and CC!

This is fantastic. And so timely. As food editor for The Record, I’m planning an Ice Cream Food Crawl later this month. Will definitely report back on the best ice creams I sampled. The best part: I’m taking Jersey kids with me. Figured they’re the REAL experts.


Crazee’s in Rumson makes a really good banana hard packed ice cream. Not a fan of any soft serve but when we head there I stick with their banana, coffee or strawberry hard packed medium bowls.

I was at Nicholas Creamery last night with a group and we overall were pretty underwhelmed. The space is cool, there was a long line, and the flavors are interesting and cutely named. The consistency of the ice cream itself was a bit too rough, like gravelly, like you’re eating icey milk. I also found the flavors a bit dull, almost neutral, such as the Jersey Blueberry, Cookie Monster, Chocolate. They lacked a punch of flavor like at other ice cream spots.

The shakes, being $7.50 were pretty good, but not too dissimilar than a cheap imitator or even f’real at WaWa.

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Bent Spoon in Princeton seems to get the thumbs up from my rugrats - as does Thomas Sweets in New Bruns… torico the younger rugrat and myself will have to get to in the next few weeks


+1 for Denville Dairy! We used to make pilgrimages there with a cooler years (decades?!) ago when we lived in Jersey City - a schlep, but so worth it!

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