I need to nominate this post as the most stupid food reporting of the year!

Fully understood that but I have one major problem with most of the “small plates” places. The problem is that most of them serve the plates as & when they are ready in the kitchen. That causes two issues, IMO. One is that, when you ordered them, you had an idea in your head about the order you wanted to eat them in. It made sense that the fiery “gambas pil-pil” came after the little salad, etc. The second, if you are in a group, is that you are not really eating together - I remember a family dinner with about six of us at the local tapas restaurant. Most of them had all but eaten everything they’d ordered while I was still waiting for the first of my dishes. Meant that when it came, everyone basically just watched me eat. No fun whatsoever. Appreciate this second issue is not an issue if everyone is sharing everything but that rarely happens with a group. Also appreciate that neither of these issues seem to apply to Eastern Mediterranean mezzes where restaurants seem to fully understand sensible “waves” of food being sent to the table - dips, other cold items, hot items, main course meats.


Agree. I now order one at a time so I can eat in the order I choose. This also eliminates the situation when everything comes at once.

Which is reasonable and does reflect on the consideration of one’s dining partner. It’s one thing of course if this is your life partner and something else entirely with a distant friend or business meal.

My wife and I often order three or four appetizers or tapas to share. We can always fill in if we turn out to be hungrier than we thought, or if something is so wonderful that taste overwhelms hunger. grin

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Just wanted to mention that sometimes, for me at least, it is not about weight , or calories; its about carbs. Perhaps a minor point. I don’t really know what “black pudding wontons then the lamb rump” is.

But I’m about to open up a can of whip ass smoked “country style pork rib”.

A Chinese style wonton filled with black pudding (or blood sausage as it’s known in some other Anglophone countries).

Lamb rump is the meat from the point where the leg meets the loin - in crude terms, basically its arse. It works as a small roasting joint for one or two people and, as such, is very popular in restaurants.



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