"I’m not rude, just French"

Cultural differences?

Possibly. Possibly not.

I travel to France most years and, almost invariably, receive polite, efficient and professional service in restaurants. I have no idea how those staff relate to their colleagues and managers - athough I’d suspect that being “aggressive” in Valenciennes is as likely to get you fired as it would in Vancouver.

I don’t know if we have any Francophone Canadians (or, indeed, anyone) on the forum who might compare restaurant service in Quebec, France and Anglophone Canada. It would be fascinating to know if there are cultural differences or if, as I suspect is the case, this guy is just a gobshite.


The version I read on BBC site yesterday mentions he’s “professional and friendly with people he serves”. It’s the way he treats colleagues that got him fired.

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Both the plaintiff and his former employers agree that Mr Rey was “very friendly and professional with his tables” and was often assigned as “shift lead”.
But they had previously warned him his behaviour with colleagues could “be combative and aggressive”.

I don’t know if this is culture related, being ambitious at work is in certain human.

I usually work freelance at home, but at times I work directly in client’s office (not restauration), I see all type of French, including some very ambitious reckless ones fighting for better positions. The question is: are they more combative mood than in other culture? Depends, just like in every countries, there are all type of people, can’t stereotype. Apart from the individuals that are reckless in the work, the French are famous for the labour union vs their employer, to fight for their right is natural for them. N.B. the French Revolution was violent.

I have worked in U.S. company and Chinese company in Hong Kong, they were more into harmonious relationship (especially the Chinese) and try to avoid conflicts in comparison.

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Do HR departments exist in France as in the USA?
I know I`m straying from BC.

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Of course for big companies, they copy paste all they have seen in that is working in US and apply in France (years later).

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Nothing works in the US. If a judge will hear the case, you have a lawsuit. It’s that simple and sad here. Anyone can sue a company for looking at them the wrong way. Lol

A signature doesn’t even legally bind you to a contract. Ask me how I know. Our court system is a joke.

Rant over :slight_smile:

I used to debate my friend about this. I think it is a pro and con choice we made as a society. It is much easier to sue a company, so consumers have better production, but it does come with a price.

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