I love Brasciole!!

(Thom) #1

I love Basciole!! Nothing I could get in an Italian restaurant ever compares with my Italian Grandma’s Brasciole.
That being said, I had an amazing Brasciole at Mamma Lombardi’s on Long Island in Holbrook, NY yesterday. A nice sized portion of tender Pork Brasciole filled with spices, garlic and raisins. Simply amazing.
Carnivale in Port Jefferson Station, Long Island also makes a decent Brasciole but not as large and as filled with spices.
Any other fans of a great Brasciole out there?

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I am, but I always make my own: Never ordered it out, so can’t comment on that. Also, pork only, never beef. But now I will keep my eye out for braciola on menus, so I can see how it compares :wink:


(Jimmy ) #3

Thanks for initiating this thread.

I’ve made this at home for years not knowing its formal name!

My kitchen “dexterity” is very plodding, so this is a labor intensive prep for me. But the payoff I’ve gotten…

Such a flavor indulgence. :yum:

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Here’s a story I did a few years ago on Brasciole, Joni Bernhard’s signature dish at Fortina’s in Armonk, NY.

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