I Keep getting this error message in my gmail

what can I do about it? I cant even tell what messages are being referred to, whether they are posts on the site or DMS

Message not delivered

There was a problem delivering your message to noreply@www.hungryonion.org. See the technical details below.
The response was:

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7720 [www.hungryonion.org timed out]

guess: you inadvertently clicked on Reply in a notice from HO. you see the addressee is “noreply@…”
and/or @www.hungryonion.org is not a valid address
( noreply@hungryonion.org would be “more normal” )

emails to noreply@ are typically not read, and it is possible the site is set to refuse incoming email to that noreply@ address.

on fail, gmail is trying to send the message again and again and again…which generates the same error message.

a ping on times out - that IP is a VPN server and not likely set up for incoming email.

potential solution:
check your gmail “Sent” and “Scheduled” and delete any goofy messages.
gmail does not have an “Outbox” - so if you don’t see anything in Sent or Scheduled one would need to ask gmail where they ‘hide’ messages “pending / to be sent”

thanks - I am not sure how this happens though - since I cant tell what message it is (and I am only responding directly (through the site to DMs and topic posts on the site - it would not show up in my gmail at all, I dont believe. I will keep an eye on it and look through my gmail options

I think it may be simply that by mistake I hit reply in the email notification to a message or post rather than replying on the site as directed IN the measage. This may account for my responses not getting through from time to time.

yup, the error notice looks like it comes from an email program vs. the forum software.