I just paid $48.75 for a bottle of gin!

Beefeater 1.75L

I always knew living in Northern Virginia was expensive, but damn! Prices are out of control!

How much is it where you live?

That size of bottle doesnt seem to be readily available in the UK. But Beefeater retails at around £26 per litre. So, doing the maths that would equate to around $56 for your size of bottle

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In the supermarket we visit often, a bottle of 70cl is 16,85€, 24€ per liter. So a bottle 1,75L = 42€ or $46.

Please note that in France, Beefeater could be found only 40%, not the 47% like in UK or US.

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Wait, isn’t Beefeater English? Why is it more expensive than in US?

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We buy GIN MARE, which is Spanish from Menorca Island, and it contains Marine Algaes, and we paid 32 Euros for a bottle. A truly lovely gin !!

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Why is gasoline less expensive in some parts of the US compared to Houston with all the refining capacity here?

During the gas lines of the 80’s the Shell station right in front of the refinery/chemical plant was out of gas.

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Assuming no state monopoly, part of explanation:


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It’s on sale at NH liquor stores for $26.99.

It was announced the other day that starting October 18 there will be a 25% tariff on single malt Scotch whiskey. So stock up if you need to.

$40 in Manhattan. Maybe Virginia has tariffs. They’re all the rage!

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Wow that is expensive. I guess it’s probably because Virginia has a state monopoly on alcohol sales. It’s around $25 for a handle here in the Bay Area:

Might be even cheaper at Costco.

Tax on alcohol is high in the UK

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We can buy liquor in the grocery stores now, which is convenient; the prices don’t look too bad on the signage, but we pay a very stiff tax on it.

Costco definitely has the best prices, but you have to buy in the 1.75 liter size. I usually buy Tanqueray for about 26.99, but again, the steep tax at the register. So it does get up there easily.

Will see what the Beefeater’s is next time I go to Costco.

In PA it’s $41.99 plus .06% sales tax, for a total of $44.51. PA is a state with an LCB (Liquor Control Board), so it is the state selling the liquor–no price variations from store to store.

But hey, we are moving into the 21st century: about a decade ago they started Sunday sales at select stores (i.e., those close to the borders of NJ, DE, etc) and those locations have rapidly increased. Also, a few years back they ok’d the sale of beer in grocery stores and they now even allow wine sales as well :astonished:

Del Norte county CA, $24.99 + .07.5% sales tax, not where I live but where I buy.

I’ve never seen cheaper good alcohol as what you get in California Costco’s. Reno’s Costco may be even cheaper, will have to check next time I visit those areas.

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No Beefeater in Costco, but you can see what we have to pay for Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire. Evidently Wa has the highest taxation rates in the country!

At the pot shops it’s a 30% tax in addition to an 8 or 9% sales tax & maybe another tax too. (Not that you asked about that)!!


As others have said, it’s all in the taxes. Be happy you don’t live in Thailand (for this reason only). It’s about $40 for a liter bottle and only 80 proof.

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