I hate my can openers!!!

No idea if this is unique to OXO or if others have this feature, but the lid lifter pliers are pretty cool. I agree with all of your comments about this opener.

The Kuhn-Rikon also has lid lifter.

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the OXO ‘smooth edge’ opener does not work by “cutting” anything.
it physically pulls the can lid seam apart.
had one for decades - love it.

it does fail on a (new?) Chinese style can where the top of the can is ‘necked in’ to a smaller diameter. fortunately the ‘bottom’ of those cans are “normal” and are easily opened.

“when all else fails” . . . I keep a P-38 handy from WW2 C-rats.

anyone using one of my kitchen knives to open a can will have no further need of a can opener - dead people don’t need to eat…