I get the following Error: "CANNOT LOAD APP"

For the past few weeks when I try to use the “Back Button” to get back to HO after visiting any other site, I get a white background with this message:

Cannot load app

It looks like you are offline! Please check your network connection and try again.

I can use the Refresh Button and everything goes back to normal. Windows 10, FireFox 59.0.2

Another thing, when I start a topic, I get a big light blue screen that totally obscures the preview pane that says “Your topic is similar to…”

How can I make that go away so I can use the preview pane?

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For the blue screen blocking the preview pane- I moved the New Topic button so its not blocking the X mark that allows you to close that blue window. Didn’t realize that its blocking the X mark. You can also press the Esc on the keyboard to make it go away.

For the first problem, I duplicated the issue on Firefox. Chrome has no such problem. I am not sure whether this is the software’s problem or if this is Firefox’s problem. I have posted on the software developer’s forum to see if anyone knows the answer.

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Firefox team confirms it’s fixed in Firefox for the next release:



Just installed the latest Firefox update, (59.0.3), and am still having that issue.


Updated to Firefox v. 60.0.1 and it seems fixed.



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