I ate 50 blue point oysters yesterday, Houston

Pappas on Shepherd. 6.95 a dozen M-Th. I couldn’t stop slurping down the briny goodness so I channeled my inner 20 year old and went for it, although truth be told back in the day it would have been a mere warm up.

Almost all were eaten straight although I put a few dollops of cocktail sauce on some. Oh yeah 4 fried from the Wifeacita’s poboy plus some good bread and butter.

I was hurting on the way home.


Congratulations! I’m jealous. How are you feeling today?

Nicely done!

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I feel great and I was ready for another dozen or two but the Wifeacita quickly shot that down. It’s just as well as I was really struggling on the way home and we probably would have ended up sideways in a ditch.

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I feel like a lightweight compared to the oyster conquests of my youth.

I need to get to Houston to take advantage of this special.

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Come on down, they’re almost giving them away, I feel like I’m stealing.

I’d like to say the St. Regis has 19.99 rooms, but they don’t.

Next time you should stack 50 up on the table and take a pic for us!

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I don’t see it happening, they get consumed as soon as they’re shucked.

#lifegoals… winner!

Oh I see. I thought you order a set amount and they will bring them out. Sorry, I’m not an oyster guy so forgive my newbie status. Now that I think about it bringing out 50 at once would be kind of ridiculous lol. However, that leads me to a short food story.

This reminds me of the year 2000 or so. We used to get ten cent wings on Monday nights at legettes in nj. We would order them literally by the hundred or so. We would literally get an order of 250 wings and they would bring out plastic bus bins of wings piled high. It was pure gluttony! God I wish I had some pics of the these bins stacked up with crispy buffalo wings. I think my record was 33 which isn’t all that impressive, but keep in mind I’d have 7 or 8 pints of beer over the course of the football game so I could have done more with no beer but that isn’t as fun.

I wish I could see a few hundred wings sitting at a table again. Oh yeah, beers were a dollar a pint for miller lite. The short walk to my friends house after feasting was always enjoyable.

Ps…I always questioned how well they cleaned those dish bins before dumping all the wings in them. As you can see, they were more about the eating experience than ambiance :slight_smile:

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I wonder how much the wings were back then? That many would require a second mortgage now. I saw a “special” recently of 10 wings for $15. SMH

Ostiones, you have once again earned your name. Brava!

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I enjoyed these lovelies while visiting friends in Brussels. Would that they were 6.95, but they were worth the price. Very cold water oysters are so delish.


If I had to do the math…

Wings are about a buck a piece at restaurants now, give or take. On average I would get 20 wings just because it was 2 dollars. On big nights with a lot of guys we would go overboard but what’s a wasted ten wings…a dollar. If I didn’t eat some I would just take them home. So 2 dollars plus 6 beers would be 8 dollars. Now I’m looking at about 24 for the 20 wings and probably 18 to 30 for the beer depending on if there are any specials. So a comparable night now is going to run you about 32 to 54 dollars. To be honest 32 might even be hard to find now. Places charge a lot for beer now as well. You just don’t see too many good food AND beer specials together. So at a minimum it’s 4 times as expensive (and this is unlikely), if not 8 times expensive to have a night like that lol

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Current market might favor you if cost of materials cuts are passed through:


. . . unless demand for specific part is still increasing.