I am so glad this woman isn't my mom

Birthdays would have been hell

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That’s disgusting!

Yeah, that makes me hungry for cake :confused:

There are some more palatable ones towards the end of the slides. I liked the honeycomb.

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Yeah, the basket of flowers was nice too. But for the most part, no thanks. Nothing says let’s party like cutting up life-like infant?

Agreed, the rest are OTT. I could maybe eat a vanilla or chocolate baby, but not one made out of pink cake :smile: She does have talent, though!

There are some pretty disturbing baby cakes on the cakewrecks blog, if you’re into that sort of thing (and really pretty ones every sunday)


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She’s massively-talented, for sure. The tick doughnut is truly inspired. “Hannibal” food stylist Janice Poon (http://janicepoonart.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2015-07-26T14:58:00-04:00&max-results=7) has nothing on her.

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I’ve been making a similar “brain” loaf out of meat loaf for years…topped with marinara for the blood effect.

These are amazing.


Incredible creativity. I have no qualms looking at these creations (also have no qualms watching surgeries). I laugh at horror films because they are silly and so predictable. She has a keen eye for detail. Working as a stylist in the film industry could be her second (or primary job, whichever she enjoys more).

FYI, there’s a town in Portugal (Penacova) which has a weekend of lamprey eating in February.

It takes alot of skill to make these cakes. I can only imagine how technically challenges they are. However, some of them make me lose my appetite

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I would like to un-see the spine one. The nerves or whatever dangling off … :scream: (we really need a pukey face emoticon like Mr Yuk http://94monkeys.tumblr.com/post/36664720620/public-health-survey-do-you-know-what-this-symbol

Even more than not wishing to have my mom serving up these cakes, I think I might be even more freaked out if I was a hospital patient in this nurse’s care and discovered this was her hobby.

I guess it’s one way to unwind…:syringe:

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So much more interesting than medical illustration and much less stressful than nursing.