Hyper-regional pizza styles are a source of local pride

“The American Take On Sicilian Pizza“


Proper Sicilian style pizza (American) should have the crust proofed and baked before the toppings are put on. Then it is light and airy not heavy with uncooked dough.


You are correct. The “neighborhood” slice joints do it this way.

This is a regional style from Sicily that I don’t think has been mentioned. It’s called Faccia de Vecchia (or Faccia DiVecchia? by the place here in Houston), a variety of sfinciuni. The name means ‘Old Woman’s Face.’ I’ve had this before and to be honest was underwhelmed at the time but have recently been thinking about it and may be going back to try it again.

It’s a thick bread (some recipes online call for starting with a loaf of Italian bread), topped with sausage, onion and peppers, maybe a hint of tomato and cheese, and herbs.

Here are a couple of pictures from Yelp:

A photo at Mandola

Faccia da vecchia!!!    Simply amazing!!!

Some pics online from other purveyors are covered with a more typical red sauce and cheese.

Its offered as an appetizer ($16) or side ($6.39) at Mandola’s Deli near UofH. The Mandola’s are Restaurant Royalty in Houston and the menu had a special section devoted to this previously, claiming it was an old family recipe, of course.


Another curated list (ahem):

Some not mentioned above, I think - Buffalo, Rhode Island Bakery Pie, Pizzazz, Cubano, Colorado…

I thought Colorado was going to include Mountain Oysters, but nooooo.

Yes, Altoona is mentioned. Stop at # 11 on the list to avoid exposure.


That’s a pizza strip to us Rhode Islanders. :grinning: