Hyde Park NY

We are heading to Hyde Park next weekend, Any recommendations besides CIA for Saturday - Monday?
Thank you

Certainly not at the level of CIA, but we were up there last fall and had a really nice dinner at River & Post in Staatsburg, just up the road. Very nice outdoor front porch, with an above average kitchen. We also went to Le Petit Bistro in Rhinebeck, a place we hadn’t been in quite a while. Didn’t think it was worth recommending, so I won’t. There’s also a reasonably new winery in the area, called Milea, at which we spent a couple of pleasant afternoon hours sampling wines. I’m not really a fan of Millbrook wines, but we used to like Clinton Corners as well. Not sure if you’ve already booked a place (I’m sure you have), but I just want to put in a plug for an old friend’s B&B, called The Journey Inn, in Hyde Park. Really nice. Really. Have fun.

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Thank you, River & Post looks good, we have a table on Saturday at Brasserie 292 in Poughkeepsie.
I think mainly because it has schnitzel on the menu.
We are staying at the Roosevelt Inn, not swanky but nostalgic for my DH.

Yeah, the Roosevelt Inn is about 5 minutes south of the Journey Inn on the same road.

My favorites open on those days in the area:
Poughkeepsie: Crew, Farmers & Chefs, Essie’s (but trimmed down menu), Twisted Soul
Rhinebeck: Bia

And there are plenty of places in Poughkeepsie for non-fancy Oaxacan (Mexican) food.

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Thank you for the suggestions. They all look good but Twisted Soul and Bia look very interesting.

I believe Twisted Soul is only doing takeaway.

Bia has a Sunday roast which is exceptional, here’s an article on them:

Hope you enjoy your trip!

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We had a great time in Hyde Park, the Hudson Valley is just beautiful. Arrived Saturday afternoon after some snarly traffic on both the MA Pike and the CT Pike.
Checked into the Roosevelt Inn. Very rustic but clean and a great location. Breakfast included in the room rate. $250.00 for 2 nights, can’t really complain. Just don’t take a full size bed, unless its the last available room (which it was) or you are a very petite couple (which we no longer are).

Ate dinner that night in Poughkeepsie at the Brasserie 292. Very French bistro feel with red leather banquettes, mirrored walls, staff in B&W. Bottle of wine and a white negroni will we check the menu and tried to remember the specials, lobster bisque and the pate plate for starters. EVOO poached halibut on black rice with herbs for my DH, pan seared chicken breast with pommes and truffled mushrooms for me.
All very good, well seasoned and we were too full to think about the profiteroles or creme brulee for dessert.
The bisque was very rich, sherry forward. I liked it but definitely different from what I get at home.
I really liked the chicken and the mushrooms were excellent. Perfectly put together pan sauce.
Halibut was very moist, well cooked, we really enjoyed the black rice and is something we intend to research a little more.

That’s about it for pictures of food!

Sunday was a perfect day for walking about and we did. Went to FDR’s homestead which was amazing, saw the house (with a tour), the stables, the library and walked all over the grounds. It was really well done and I can’t recommend it enough.

We visited the Vanderbilt Mansion, Hyde Park and did that tour as well. It is the only mansion built in the Gilded Age that is a National Site. It is exactly as it was built, design and furniture and it is just magnificent in its own way. Beautiful gardens, views of the valley and river.
The grounds are open, no fee to enter. Plenty of families enjoying the space. Tours are $10.0 per person but as with the FDR site, well worth it if you are into history.
We also visited Vall-Kill, which was Eleanor Roosevelt’s compound away from the house. Apparently her relationship with her MIL and her husband’s “friendships” necessitated some distance now and then. Very smart woman and she did so much for so many.

Lunch that day was drive through, we were on a schedule!

Dinner was on the river at a place called Farmers & Chefs. It was a a great spot, overlooking the Hudson River. We ate inside, it was a windy cooler evening.
I had mussels with fries and he had the duck bao and the watermelon salad, both were specials.
Food was very good, the space was fun and its a very family friendly spot.

We were leaving Monday morning and had hoped to grab breakfast at the CIA Apple Pie Cafe but they were closed for Juneteenth. We ended up at the Eveready Diner (ED) which was hard to miss in our travels back & forth to our inn.

Breakfast was just what you would expect- 2 eggs, bacon, home fries and they even grilled my english muffin without batting an eye. Huge menu, not sure how they pull it all off but would recommend breakfast.

Wanting to avoid the turnpikes home, we opted to head north toward Rhinebeck and take the Taconic Parkway back. Connected to the MA Turnpike in the Sturbridge area. A much nicer ride!
Rhinebeck was looked very interesting and would consider that area if/when we return.


I’m glad you had a good trip to the Hudson Valley! I haven’t been to Eveready in a while, but they’ve always been an exceptional diner, and I would get the cherry soda along with whatever food (enough for a couple meals).

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Thank you for the report! I will keep this in mind for our next trip north. We may head up to Hudson this weekend so these will be en route!

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