[Hyannis, MA] Roadhouse Cafe

By any of the usual standards that we apply to eating out, this was a fairly dismal evening. It did not start well.

They have an online reservation system. We used it. We received email confirmation. We arrived on time. They had no record of us. We showed the guy the email. He shrugged.

There then seemed to be some confusion between servers as to whose table we were at. That resulted in three of them asking if we would like drinks. Which, I suppose is better than none of them asking. We said to the third that orders had already been taken. Who by, she asked. We said “him”. She shrugged.

After some while, “he” came to take a food order. Then we waited. And waited some more. Fifty minutes had passed before we’d had enough and eventually managed to flag him down. He said “the food should have up by now, I put the order in 10 minutes ago”. “But that’s 40 minutes after we sat down, you incompetent ejeet”, I replied. OK, I only replied silently in my head. Perhaps, needless to say, there was no apology.

Seemingly in a flash, appetisers then arrived. A perfectly fine chopped salad. And scallops wrapped in smoked bacon, served with a tangy sauce with a little chilli hit in it. This was good by any standards. Or, perhaps as now 65 minutes had passed since we entered, we were just so hungry that our judgement was impaired.

Main courses were also OK, Meatball sliders for one of us. Nice little buns, with a tomato sauce and herby meatballs topped with melted mozzarella. All very tasty. It was advertised as coming with chips. Fries were a chargeable extra. It was ordered with chips. It came with fries (although not charged). Well, of course it did.

Caribbean chicken brought two perfectly fine breasts, a lovely fruit salsa (nicely spiked with chilli), rice (claggy like east Asian sticky rice and my bet is this wasn’t the intention) and some of the least flavoursome asparagus I can recall eating.

We didn’t bother them with dessert.

At the end of the meal, at around the time a tip would be added to the card slip, there was what I suppose passes as an apology. It was one of those “these things happen” apologies that are not an apology whatsoever. Our response was in the tip. We were visitors to the area but I doubt if we were locals, we’d give this place a second chance based on our experience. We know there are other better options easily available.