[Hyannis, MA] Brazilian Grill

Our first experience of a rodizio restaurant was here, back in 2012. Since then, places have opened up at home. We’ve tried them and, generally speaking, enjoyed them. So, we were interested to see how this place would compare years later. Would our original enjoyment have been down to the novelty or was it a cut above our other experiences?

I’m sort of disappointed to say that the Grill puts our local places in the shade. Disappointed because the Grill is a continent away from home and we may never pass this way again. Yes, it’s that good (IMO, of course).

As for the food, there’s a gob-smackingly wide range of salads and starters on the buffet – ranging from sushi, through houmous and baba ghanoush, to more traditional westernised salad items. And all this is top quality – with staff constantly topping up supplies and keeping it neat and tidy (always an important job with any well run buffet). There’s also an array of hot dishes – pasta and the like.

But you’ve really come for the meat. Servers, dressed as traditional gauchos, bring skewers of various meats to carve on to your plate. There were several cuts of beef, sausage, pork, chicken wrapped in bacon and chicken hearts. There may well have been more that passed us by – you have a card, green on one side if you want the servers to stop by, turn it over to red if you want a pause. Again, it is all good quality and nicely cooked, generally to medium or medium rare for the beef.

It’s a fixed price of $33 for dinner, which we thought represents good value. Desserts are not included but we were too full to consider them. So, we just paid and waddled away back to the car.