hvrw spring 2022

Mr Bill, have you forsaken us? I guess I’ll get it started…

wow, dinner $39.99, lunch $29.99…hard to find promising bargains given the limited menus. we love the cookery but prices getting out of hand, limited hvrw menu, probably pass. X20 dinner menu looks good, it’s a hike for us but I can’t really find anything else.

anyone have any ideas?


I just checked out the listings and there are a few places I’ve been meaning to try, but the limited menus are really not very inspiring. We’re traveling next weekend so probably won’t have a chance to participate this year. I will say the X20 menu looks good, though, and since we live in Yonkers, who knows - maybe we’ll make a spur of the moment trip!

Did you make it to x20 or any other places of interest?

Didn’t post here since I figured there was no activity, but I guess there was. We did HVRW, tried to do lunch whatever possible due to the higher prices (and because I am retired, so I can). We did Maria, Restaurant X (since I liked the menu better than X2O and you don’t have to pay to park, yeah I know there’s a toll, but we do the Bear Mountain Bridge, so it’s cheap), Brooklyn Organic Kitchen, River City Grille, Hudson Valley Steakhouse (local, and they were offering $50 for my Opentable voucher that I would only have gotten $25 for at most places), The Greekish in Nyack.

We’d been to all of them except for River City Grille, which was very good (we went for Saturday lunch, they only day they offered it). We went to The Greekish for Sunday lunch and the choices were excellent and the food was good, but it was painfully loud (they have a DJ for brunch), and I truly hate parking in Nyack. We were there on the weekend because we met my son and his wife there, they live in NJ, and it was a convenient meeting spot. Would not do it again, we’ll go back to his Harrison location.

Did not do Kittle House (as we usually do) since we had just been there a few weeks earlier where we were treated to lunch and were able to order off the menu and had an excellent meal, so no reason to go back to order from a limited menu. Also did not do The Cookery since their HVRW menu was very limited, and for $40 it’s not a tremendous savings and not worth not being able to order what we want.

The CIA did not participate, but I discovered that they were actually running a winter dining special and lunch was under $30, so we ate at American Bounty and Bocuse. We had excellent meals at both, and were able to order off the entire menu with minimal surcharges.

BTW, we ended up eating at The Cookery tonight since we had a gift certificate to use. Had an excellent meal but did not end up getting dessert since I’d picked up donuts from Mad Donuts pop-up in Bronxville.