HVRW Dubrovnik review

Went last night to Dubrovnik’s for Croatian food on the 1st night of restaurant week with a group. The waiter suggested a bottle of Croatian wine based on our likes and at $38/bottle it was a bargain. The wine was perfect, I wish I could remember the name.
For the appetizer I split with my friend the Grilled Shrimp and Calamari with white cabbage salad and the “Skradinski” Risotto. The shrimp and calamari were perfectly cooked and not overdone. The slaw very tangy, which I loved. The risotto was a huge portion and reminded me of the filling for stuffed cabbage. I liked both, but would get the grilled mix again over the rice. I didn’t get a picture of the risotto, and this is the grill after I split it:

For dinner I had the Catch of the day , which was branzino, over sauteed cabbage and potato. My friends had the Pasta “Mama Tereza”, which she said was amazing. My fish was again, perfectly cooked, with the skin nice and crispy. There was lots of garlic in the seasoning, which I happened to like. The potato reminded me of an Irish colcannon.

For dessert we asked for 3 of each, the Palacinke, a crepe filled with apricot jam and the Kremsnita, a not very sweet Napoleon style cake. I loved both and couldn’t choose a favorite.

I would definitely recommend this place.


Everything looks great. Thanks!

Looks good but what was the deal with dessert? Did you get to take as much as you wanted?

Sorry, there were six of us and two offerings for desert, so we asked for 3 portions of each and we shared.

Oh… you were only talking about 2 people in earlier posts (although I guess you did say “friends” in the entree comment.