Husk Today Nashville, Tennessee

As some of you may know from reading the Corona Virus Prep topic, youngest kid flew into Nashville last night for a pleasure weekend - ground zero of the tragic E-4 tornado a couple days ago. She said access is extremely limited to all the areas severely Impacted, and that took lives. Makes sense, given that people are still missing, while others who were affected, may be looking through what’s left of their homes for family treasure or photos.

They had reservations for Husk tonight and had visited Husk or another of Sean Brock’s restaurants while in Charleston a couple months ago. Thought I’d post the dining pics here. She provided no descriptions, but think you can get a good idea of the meal. She said it was excellent and just what they needed, after a long day of work and travel yesterday.


Please note the basket in the 1st picture; for some who may not know, these are handwoven Gullah baskets made of sea grass. They smell divine when just made, and the art is starting to die out. They are however readily available in the Charleston area.

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