Hurrah for ABEETZ -Westchester

Just had some ridiculously good pizza from Abeetz mobile truck. They are 12" individual pies. I “had to” try one of their unconventional pies and since I didn’t feel that would be a fair way to judge them,I also got (my favorite) a pepperoni pie. The untraditional was pastrami,cheese,pickles and a mustard sauce - turns out it works very well, as the crust is a perfectly charred base. The pepperoni was also excellent, except,too much oil,but I guess that is the trade-off for well cooked (cupped) disks of pepperoni - just add napkins to correct. Also turns out the Lady on the truck went to high school with me,many years ago.


Thanks, Rich! They are in my neck of the woods on Saturdays.

Definitely give them a try.No need to judge them differently as it is from a truck,it was some of the best I’ve had - and I’ve had ALOT. Now off to find my yearbook.


the pie names and combinations look incedibly appealing, can’t wait to try them out

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Sounds great - thanks for sharing! Looks like Westchester is building a small but mighty list of great food trucks! (Why should the city and Stamford have all the fun?!) :wink:

Well,may as well add a truck suggestion -
Teca’s tacos is usually down at (formerly called) city park in New Rochelle , on the Larchmont border. It is on 5th ave. The tacos are $2.50 each- two small shells,but well filled and LOADED with flavor. 2 tacos and a $1 can of coke makes for a full lunch. (One of the best deals around)

I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while. I missed them the day they were at the JV Mall near me a few months ago, but haven’t managed to catch up with them. I wish they were at the place in Bedford Hills earlier on Saturday so we could go for lunch as we do when the Doughnation truck does farmer’s markets.

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Hold out for a late lunch, don’t think you’d be disappointed - I’d even strongly recommend the pastrami, and that pains me, as i can’t really conceive of it as pizza, but it is GOOD.

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+1 for Teca’s Taco truck

and NOT the other truck at city park (except in a pinch).

The Parlor has been doing a pie with brisket from Revenge BBQ in Irvington. Not sure if it’s a regular thing but I’ve seen it on Instagram.

BTW how do their pie sizes compare to Doughnation’s? I’ve never measured theirs. And how much do they charge? I don’t think I’ve seen prices on the menus.

the pies at Abeetz are 12". They may be considered an “individual” pie, but 1/2 a pie was more than enough for me. Their menu is on-line and (I think) were priced 11 to $13.

Yes, it is on line