Has Hunt made it over here? I enjoyed his posts.

IIRC he posts (or posted - haven’t checked in quite a while) quite prolifically on TripAdvisor. I think.

It’s been years since Hunt posted on Chowhound. (According to his profile, 3 years to be exact.)

I also enjoyed Hunt’s posts. I post on TripAdvisor, but it is not set up as a real forum or community. Express your opinion, you’re done. The next person does their review of their experience with restaurant X or hotel Y, but very little in the way of responding to another TripAdvisor’s comments. Its not a place where we could re-engage in good conversation with our old friend, unfortunately. So, RobinJoy, I join you in the hope that Hunt does make it over here soon.

I stand corrected. I now have found that TripAdvisor does have a “Travel Forum” component to it- obviously I have not been involved in that part of the site. I may troll around in this new discovery at some point, for curiosity, and see if anything shows up by Hunt.

Not just Hunt but Marie Lorraine, from CH wine board…

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I’m FB friends with her as well as occasional email correspondents. I’ll let her know that her voice is missed.

I used to enjoy his often quirky posts. He seemed to stop posting without warning and I always wondered if something had happened to him - like falling foul of the CH moderation policy and getting himself banned. Or worse.


The late Veggo used to be in touch with him and IIRC he just got sick of CH.

This is also what I remember. Via email contact with another member (Veggo?) we were informed that Hunt had 1) better things to do and 2) lost all interest in posting. That wretched place was deteriorating at around the same time, IIRC.

Hunt or not, there are a few more regular folks I want to see here. Maybe they too have lost all interest in food forums.

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How lovely to be remembered. I’m here.

Not posting at all these days, except with specific questions.

I miss the old Facebook, and its motherlode of information.

I miss some of the posters, and emphatically don’t miss one toxic (very active) SF poster.

I don’t know what’s happening at Chowhound, and would appreciate an update on if
the design gamble is paying off financially, or if it caused such an exodus of posters and content
that the numbers don’t work anymore.


I’ll always be in your debt for that wonderful white peach sangria :slight_smile:

Your many posts on CH were a veritable periodic table of vinous chemistry! Glad to see your message, and hope you will contribute when the moment suits. Not much going on on this board, I will admit, except for Jason’s cellar diaries-- which gives many of us bottle envy!

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